Used Hard – Book 1

Pleasure, Pain, Tied Up Fun

5 stories of girls getting tied up and having fun.

Bondage at the Frat House
Bondage for Tina
Bound and Gagged in the Backyard
Bound and Bent Over by the Angry Customer
Bound by the Burglar

Pounded Deep 2 – 10 More Anal Adventures

Feel the pleasure… and the pain

10 more hot stories of girls getting their asses fucked for the first time.

Bent Over by the Bodybuilder

Bent Over by Lars

Bent Over by the Arrogant Stranger

Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short

Bent Over in the Library

Ass Deep in Midterm Stress

Annabelle’s Anal Orgy

A Husband’s Cock and a Girlfriend’s Tightest Hole

Bent Over by My Bad Boy Husband

Bent Over by the Janitor

Ouch, that still hurts 🙂

Pounded Deep – 10 Anal Adventures

Feel the pleasure… and the pain

10 hot stories of girls getting their asses fucked for the first time.

  1. Amber’s Backdoor Threesome
  2. All the Way in
  3. Barrett Bends Me Over
  4. Bart is Home!
  5. Belinda’s First Anal Sex Experience
  6. Casey gets Cornholed
  7. Emily’s Ass
  8. Selena’s Back Door
  9. Tate Takes My Ass
  10. Brett’s Assault on My Back Door

Ouch, that hurts 🙂

His Slave

Lexi was enjoying her first day off from her accounting firm internship in weeks. No more taxes and her first real job starting in a few weeks.

Then she gets a text. Josh, her ex-boyfriend will be there in four minutes.

He’s the jealous type and she was sick of his shit. Why couldn’t he leave her alone?

But Josh has something Lexi never dreamed about and he was going to use it to his advantage.

It started with a striptease. But Josh wasn’t done yet. Lexi will learn to obey, bet on it.

Billionaires Temptation

Billionaires Temptation

Amelia Mullins stormed out of the club. She caught her millionaire boyfriend Lucas Preston cheating. A breakup she could handle, but kissing Rebecca Stafford… there?

She had no idea what to do. Go back in? Go home? Call her friend and try to forget him?

Then she hears a voice and the most handsome man she’s ever seen steps into the light and asks if she’s okay. Perfect. Exactly what she needs, more trouble.

All is not as it appears and happiness may be around the corner.

A standalone billionaire romance.

Beyond Love: A Love Triangle Story

Sexy Short Story

One night of passion rocks Brad’s world before the woman of his dreams moves away. He had it all, and then she was gone. He can’t get her out of his mind.

Years later he’s been promoted and moves east for his job. Still a bachelor, he sees her, and all the old feelings come crashing back.

He lost her once, it won’t happen again. Discover the length he goes to get her back.

Anna Bound: A Very Rough BDSM Slave Training Story

Sexy, Rough, BDSM

Anna isn’t happy when an old friend calls in a favor, twisting her arm to get her to train a submissive for him.

Reluctantly she takes the girl on and is even angrier to discover her old lover sent her a slave that looks almost identical to her.


She’ll train her into a proper slave, but it will hurt. The question is, who will it hurt more?

If you love sexy, hardcore, BDSM, get Anna Bound today.

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